Belmont Quolis Q-5000 Dental Chair

Belmont Quolis Q-5000 Dental Chair
Belmont Quolis Q-5000 Dental Chair
Brand: Belmont
Product Code: Belmont Quolis Q-5000 Dental Chair
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Price: $8,730.00
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● Seat positioning system smoothly and gently glides patients into desired treatment position, reducing patient stress and anxiety

● Synchronous movement of backrest and seat perfectly fits the patient’s natural body motion

● Articulating dual axis headrest accommodates the anatomy of each patient


● Quolis® Shockless Seat Movement Hydraulic System

● Built-in Armrest Seat Positioning Controls

● Articulating Dual Axis Headrest

● 60° Left-to-Right Seat Rotation with Electronic Lock

● Swing Out Armrest

● Wide Backrest or Slinged Armrest Models Available

● Option of Seamless or Plush Upholstery

● Slinged Armrest Upholstery Available

● Choice of Standard Vinyl or Ultraleather™

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