Bien Air Optima MCX Control unit

Bien Air Optima MCX Control unit
Bien Air Optima MCX Control unit
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Bien Air Optima MCX is an electric motor system designed with the clinician in mind and provides a micromotor and attachment assembly the same length as a turbine for an incomparably better level of performance.

Bien Air Optima MCX simplistic and convenient system offers a tabletop control unit along with the MCX brushless micromotor in a variety of eye-catching colors.

* Life-time lubricated ball bearings for maintenance-free advantage
* LED light for optimal illumination
* Brushless technology for extended service life
* Sterilizable without protection
* Gold Connect for excellent electrical conductivity and improved resistance to oxidation
* Smart Logic™ control for adjustable speed

Bien Air Optima MCX Included:
1- Micro MX2 motor, 
1- 1.1 Micro slow speed contra angle, 
1- 1.5 Micro high speed contra angle, 
1- straight hand piece 
1 brand new Optima MCX tabletop control unit.  Also includes Hu Friedy autoclave cassette and surgical spray attachments.  Instruction manuals included for motor and hand pieces.

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