BEYOND Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator

BEYOND Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator
BEYOND Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator BEYOND Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator
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BEYOND Polus Advanced Whitening Accelerator system is the most up-to-date in whitening technologies out of BEYOND comprising Lightbright© technology, giving you a dazzling white smile which can last up to two years in only 1 45 minute treatment.

Beyond Polus is among the best laser treatment products available on the marketplace. In case you have apparently observable and tough stains from food, drinks or smokes, then Beyond Polus is particularly effective. Even if you have fluoride or age-related stains, Beyond Polus will bring back your teeth to as naturally whitened as they may be.

Past Polus is among the most well-known teeth-whitening methods. Teeth-whitening not just makes the teeth brighter, but also removes discolorations which are due to several factors. Diet, medications, coffee, and cigarettes — they all affect the enamel of the teeth.

The BEYOND POLUS system is completely safe and allows teeth whitening also in patients with sensitive teeth. The last effect depends mainly on the nutrient composition of the tooth and stabilizes about within a week following the procedure. Following this time, it is likely to replace fillings, crowns, and other prosthetic structures which do not lighten with whitening and are found in the teeth that show when you smile.

A powerful halogen lighting is at the base of the lamp, backed by a fan that pulls heat from the bulb. An advanced light filtration system that includes an optical lens along with 200,000 optic fibers serves as a bridge between two sources. This filtration system eliminates harmful heat and UV light in the halogen light source and brings the complete power of the light into the front of the lamp. The 12 blue LED lights unify using the halogen light source in the front of the lamp head providing the most innovative blue light in a wavelength of 480-520 nanometers.

In the middle of the Advanced Light Technology is ultrasonic technology that’s used to assist in the oxidation procedure. BEYOND Polus Advancedoperates at a lower temperature compared to similar products using the latest optical technology thus preventing irritation of the nerves of the teeth.

When used in combination with our proprietary whitening formula which includes Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) that is a catalyst, along with other special ingredients, the end result is not just whiter teeth but shinier teeth with reduced prep and seat time.


  • Halogen-powered teeth whitening accelerator, LED curing light, and Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) option
  • Powerful halogen light output, clinically proven to provide superior results to LED and plasma arc systems
  • Unique LightBridge light technology
  • Dual-arch whitening features gentle, normal, and intense light-output settings for the perfect treatment setting with each individual patient
  • Single-tooth whitening option included for precision tailored treatment results
  • Three (3) Minute treatment complete warning timer.
  • Custom fitted cover for easy storage.
  • 97% clinical rating on
  • wireless remote and patient call button
  • advanced air ionizer to remove heat and UltraViolet output
  • curing light has three settings to match the needs of your customers
  • motorized arm

Unprecedented Innovation and Flexibility in Whitening Technology:

  • Upgraded light filtration system containing over 200,000 optical fibers, to filter out all harmful heat and ultraviolet (UV) light.
  • Dual-arch power whitening option can be set to High, Medium, or Low light output settings for a tailored treatment that best suits each individual patient.
  • Single-tooth whitening option included for precise, tailored treatment results.
  • Smart Remote Control that allows patient awareness of procedure time.
  • Built-in purifier for a cleaner and healthier environment.

Innovative and Power-Packed System:

  • The improved motorized arm that allows for yet easier adjustment of the accelerator head for a more comfortable whitening procedure.
  • State of the art, full colored touch screen with a newly added multilingual feature.
  • Built-in instruction mode, that allows for a customized whitening procedure based on the client’s needs.
  • Built-in, powerful LED curing light, featuring a dual wavelength output to cure any dental composite on the market.
  • Radial arm with 360 range of motion.
  • Motorized height adjustment can be controlled from the TUI control panel and accelerator head.
  • Advanced temperature cooling and monitoring system designed to prevent a system from overheating.

Warranty: 1 year.


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