SybronEndo Elements Motor

SybronEndo Elements Motor
SybronEndo Elements Motor SybronEndo Elements Motor SybronEndo Elements Motor
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SybronEndo Elements Motor is an Endodontic Motor Using Adaptive Motion

The Elements Motor adjusts the motion dependent on the amount of pressure on the file. It might or might not reciprocate and does not pull into the canal.

Designed to work with SybronEndo TF Flexible Endodontic File System; a business first invention Which Allows the TF Adaptive file to self-adjust to intra-canal torsional forces and brought to you by the inventor of the K-File, blending the intellect of the Elements Motor with the flexibility of the NiTi Twisted Files.

• Provides dentists with the benefits of rotary when you want it and reciprocation when you need it
• Also programmed for use with other SybronEndo NiTi Files and the M4 Safety Handpiece

Contains: motor console, motor handpiece, foot pedal, 8:1 push button contra angle, power cords and Instructions


• Better resistance to cyclic fatigue
• No need to switch between programmes
• 6 Presets: This motor provides recommended setting for TF Adaptive, K3/K3XF, TF, LightSpeed, M4 and a Custom Settings
• Fully Autoclavable Motor/Cable: Easily detaches from the console.
• Intuitive User Interface: With an easy to read LCD screen, the Elements Motor is easy to learn how to use.

Product #815-1500 MSRP $1850.00

manufactured by Aseptico for SybronEndo AEU-28SYB is Aseptico’s product number


SybronEndo Elements Motor Includes: (THE ACTUAL ITEMS PICTURED)

• Electronic Control Unit/Console
• Elements Motor Handpiece 815-1510 Autoclavable
• Elements Motor Foot Pedal 815-1512
• Elements Motor Power cord 815-1515a
• Sealed Original packaging and User’s manual
• 8:1 push button contra-angle; I have several available

Will work with 110 or 220 voltage

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