Shick Sirona Xios XG Select Size 2

Shick Sirona Xios XG Select Size 2
Shick Sirona Xios XG Select Size 2
Product Code: Shick Sirona Xios XG Select Size 2
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Sirona Xios XG Select give you the best workflow and best image quality and sensors can be adapted in size and use to your day-to-day work and your practice, as well as guaranteeing the most efficient x-rays at the highest level. 

Xios XG Select can also be equipped with an optional WiFi module that facilitates an exceptional workflow with wireless image transfer, supplying you with the mobility and also easy-to-change cable, which you can replace yourself at your practice, ensures an especially long product life and thus is a very economical solution for modern intraoral x-rays.


  •     High cost-effectiveness
  •     Good image quality
  •     WiFi option for 360° Patient Access
  •     Easy-to-change cable


  1. CMOS – APS Technology (Breakthrough in Technology)
  2. Unique replaceable cable
  3. Faster sensor – Change
  4. Flexible Expansion
  5. Briliant HD Image quality with 33.3 LP/MM resolution with XG Supreme. Hightest in the World
  6. Wi-Fi cable Free transmission (Optional) for easy room-change with sensor
  7. Complete set of Positioner.
  • – Breakthrough in technology
  • – Unique replaceable cable
  • – Faster sensor-change
  • – Flexible expansion
  • – Complete Set of position
Sensors Size Specification:
  • Sensor 1: Active surface  :20 x 30 mm
  • Sensor 1: Overall dimensions  :25.3 x 38.4 x 6.3 mm
  • Physical pixel size  :15 μm
  • Measured resolution  :16 Lp/mm
  • Theoretical resolution  :16.7 Lp/mm
  • Sensor cable length  :Up to max. 2.7 m
  • USB module
  • USB port of USB module  :Version 2.0
  • Power supply  :USB port


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