Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase Style Curing Light

Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase Style Curing Light
Ivoclar Vivadent Bluephase Style Curing Light
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Bluephase Style Curing Light is frequently utilized in clinical and scientific research and has become the top-ranked curing light by renowned and independent test institutes. True innovation proves itself use, and also a perfect illustration of this is the Bluephase curing light using the specially developed Polywave LED.

Bluephase Style LED Curing Light delivers a light output of 1,100 mW/cm and includes a compact and ergonomic shape that fits the hands of men and women even more comfortable than its predecessor. Suitable for all substances, with a huge treatment area because of 10mm light probe. A shortened light probe, allowing access to all tooth surfaces with no intense opening of their mouth. Click & Heal for battery-independent emergency corded performance; available in 3 colors (grey, blue and pink ).

Bluephase Style LED Curing Light contains patented Polywave technologies to heal all of the dental materials, a recently designed light probe for simple accessibility to posterior teeth and also the option for use cordless or corded. Bluephase Style supplies the ultimate curing experience for you and your patients.

Bluephase® Style is on an ergonomic assignment. Whilst it is grounded in the tested technologies of this Bluephase® range, it incorporates optimized features.


  • Comfortable to fit every woman’s and man’s hand
  • Polywave LED with halogen-like broadband spectrum of 385 to 515 nm
  • Suitable for all materials
  • Large treatment field due to 10-mm light probe
  • Shortened light probe, enabling access to all tooth surfaces without extreme opening of the mouth
  • Click & Cure for battery-independent emergency corded operation
  • Available in 3 colors (grey, pink and blue)

Features and Benefits:
• Slim and ergonomic design
• Polywave LED with halogen like broadband spectrum of 385-515 nm
• Large treatment field due to 10mm light probe
• Intuitive two-button operation
• Energy efficient LED technology allows for continuous curing

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