IRIS HD USB 3.0 Intraoral Camera from Digital Doc

IRIS HD USB 3.0 Intraoral Camera from Digital Doc
IRIS HD USB 3.0 Intraoral Camera from Digital Doc
Product Code: IRIS HD USB 3.0 Intraoral Camera from Digital Doc
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The IRIS HD offers extreme clarity using its precision optical lens variety and Sony’s advanced HD sensor that unite for the best, best in its class, picture quality.

THe new IRIS HD USB 3.0 Intraoral Camera from Digital Doc brings the smallest details into brilliant full-screen high-resolution focus. The new IRIS HD USB 3.0 brings the tiniest details into brilliant full-screen high-performance focus. With double capture buttons and one-touch attention, control is always within reach. IRIS HD even knows when to turn itself off and on when you pick it up and place it down.
Extreme clarity in HD is got with the IRIS HD precision optical lens variety and Sony’s innovative HD detector for the finest picture quality. With dual capture buttons and one-touch focus, control is always within reach.

High definition (HD) has become the buzzword in all things movie. From televisions to cameras, the higher sophistication in detector technology and the diminished cost of data storage have made optimum visualization the standard. For over 20 years, Digital Doc has been a pioneer in the dental intraoral camera industry.

An 8-point authentic white LED array within a smaller, ergonomically designed soft suggestion illuminates every region of the oral cavity. To start, just connect it to the computer through the USB and concentrate. An internal motion sensor has the IRIS HD turn itself on if you pick it up and turn itself off once you place it down. There’s also an auto-off following 10 minutes of inactivity. Advanced Sony HD CCD detectors, together with the IRIS optical lens variety, provide intense HD clarity for the finest image quality. Dual-capture buttons create left- or right-handed use equally easy. One-touch focusing allows for single-handed control; the 5-position, toggle advance, electronic focus for a macro to unlimited viewing is readily accessible. The slender unibody design is chemical resistant.

The IRIS HD USB 3.0 is compatible with Dexis 10, Eaglesoft/Patterson Imaging 17, and Apteryx XrayVision 4.0. Educate your individual superbly with all the IRIS HD. Equipped with an inner movement sensor, the IRIS HD will Auto-On when raised and Auto-Off after ten minutes of inactivity. The elegantly streamlined profile features a small, specially designed soft-tip with brilliant 8-point LED lighting for true-color pictures. Always near hand, a specially designed USB 3.0 connector seamlessly fits in a conventional delivery unit


Product Features:

  • High Definition 720p resolution
  • Motion activated auto On/Off
  • 8-point true white LED array
  • One-piece slim design soft tip
  • Dual capture buttons for left or right hand use
  • One-touch 5-position electronic focus for macro to infinite viewing with OSD
  • High performance impact and chemical resistant seamless body
  • USB 3.0 connector that fits standard delivery units

Currently compatible with:

  • Dexis 10
  • Eaglesoft/Patterson Imaging 17
  • Apteryx XrayVision 4.0
  • Dentrix Ascend
  • Romexis
  • KDI and Carestream and up
  • Mipacs 3.1.916+
  • Vixwin Platinum 3.3 and up
  • CurveHero

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