Carestream Dental CS8100 Digital Panoramic Xray

Carestream Dental CS8100 Digital Panoramic Xray
Carestream Dental CS8100 Digital Panoramic Xray Carestream Dental CS8100 Digital Panoramic Xray Carestream Dental CS8100 Digital Panoramic Xray
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With the CS 8100 3D household, anyone can access the benefits of 3D technology. Intuitive and simple to use, the device combines our award-winning 2D imaging together with the power of 3D and optional cephalometric scanning technology to form a single flexible system that’s perfect for everyday use. When combined with its small footprint and low dose capabilities, all its features make the CS 8100 3D the perfect solution for making the move to 3D.

-High Quality 3D & 2D Images
-3D Volumes Sizes — 4x4cm up to 8x9cm
-Panoramic, Bite-Wing and TMJ 2D Pictures
-HD mode — good for Endo (75micron voxel Size)
-Model Scanning option.
-Free Imaging software license free
-Minimum Space — 120cm (L) x 140cm (D) x 240cm (H)
-Training by our Regional DMI Experts

The award-winning Carestream CS 8100 delivers powerful imaging capabilities through an easy-to-use and compact system that is designed to satisfy your daily imaging needs–both today and tomorrow. Simple to install, learn and use, the machine is excellent for general practitioners and can be easily upgraded to add cephalometric imaging to your orthodontic needs.

The Carestream CS8100 digital panoramic system is a compact x-ray unit and dental imaging software. The system can be set up on a standalone computer or integrated with the present practice management software on a network through an ethernet connection. The unit is designed with transparent patient supports and face-to-face positioning for ease of alignment.

The CS 8100 device consists of a high-frequency generator, the Active Pixel CMOS detector, and vibration-free movement system with a 0.5 mm focal place. The increased depth of the focal trough offers greater tolerance for hard body or imperfect positioning in the posterior area. The dental imaging program offers a range of image options such as regular panoramic pictures, segmented pans, TMJ, and maxillary sinus images. Also, the system is equipped with Carestream’s exclusive 2D+ program allowing clinicians to see seven buccal-lingual slices along the jaw. The CS 8100 was evaluated by 10 advisers in 207 uses. This digital panoramic system obtained a 99% clinical rating.

The compact, easy-to-use CS 8100 digital panoramic system from Carestream Dental combines simplicity with pre-programmed settings to assist dental professionals to acquire high-quality panoramic x-ray pictures more efficiently. Add on the power of cone beam to a Carestream Dental CS 8100 as your clinic’s needs to evolve.

2D Options: 

Choose from four patient morphologies and three jaw shapes, then select the appropriate imaging program for your needs.

  • Standard panoramic exam
  • Pediatric panoramic exam
  • Segmented panoramic exam
  • Panoramic exam without TMJ
  • Lateral TMJ exam (4 views)
  • Lateral TMJ exam (2 views)
  • Sinus program
  • Segmented bitewing

3D Options:

  • EndoHD mode (5 cm x 5 cm; 75 µm resolution)—high-resolution mode delivers maximum precision for exams that require greater visibility of the patient’s root and/or canal morphologies; best-suited for endodontic applications
  • Pediatric program (4 cm x 4 cm)—limit patient exposure by confining radiation to a small area; a great option for younger patients, implant planning, and follow-up exams
  • Universal field of view (5 cm x 5 cm)—the ideal compromise of image size and dose, this mode ensures you receive the details you need, with no unnecessary information; ideal for most local dental applications

For the first 6 months you also get:

  • Dual jaw mode (8 cm x 9 cm)*—capture both dental arches in a single scan for cases that involve a larger area
  • Single jaw mode (8 cm x 5 cm)—ideal for cases that require a full view of either mandible or maxilla, including implant planning with surgical guide creation and oral surgeries

Key benefits:

  • Perfect for everyday panoramic needs
  • Bitewing imaging program
  • 3D upgradeable
  • Effortless high-quality digital results
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Sleek, ultra-compact and elegant
  • “Plug-and-pan” solution – Easy to install, learn and use

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