Elity 70 Wall Mount X-Ray machines

Elity 70 Wall Mount X-Ray machines
Elity 70 Wall Mount X-Ray machines
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Elity 70 uses the most modern controls to reduce the levels of radiation and designed for high-quality, low-dose images using either film or digital sensors

Elity 70 powerful and accurate counterbalance, which not only prevents drifting but also allows for soft movements and precision that provides easy positioning to take radiographs.

With the highest degree of safety for operator and patient, ELITY 70 X-RAY provides reduced exposure clear radiograph’s with international quality and radiological safety standards

– Tube Potential 70kVp 
– Tube Current 10mA 
– Electric Timer 
– Focal Spot 0.8mm 
– Focal Length 20cm 
– Voltage 110 – 220V 
– Frequency 50 – 60Hz 
– Exposure Time : 0.00 – 1.50 seconds 
– Duty Cycle 1:32. 
– Microprocessor Control Timer with Patient Type Selection.
– Compatible with All Digital Radiographic Systems, & Standard Films.
– Wireless Remote Exposure Switch and Wall Plate comes standard free of charge 

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