3Shape D1000 3D Scanner System

3Shape D1000 3D Scanner System
3Shape D1000 3D Scanner System 3Shape D1000 3D Scanner System 3Shape D1000 3D Scanner System
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The newest multi-line blue LED technology incorporated into the 3Shape D1000 scanner allows you to scan expires on the model. The unit’s four high-resolution 5MP cameras make possible this. As a result of its high scanning speed, 3Shape D1000 is suitable for laboratories with the production of digital restorations.


While they are placed in the model, the scanner may capture scans of dies as well as the software automatically places the occlusion, allowing labs to function at optimum efficiency.


The 3Shape business is specialized in 3D scanners and 3D applications for labs and practices. Their goods aim professionals such as dental labs, dentists, implantologists, orthodontists, and labs.

The 3Shape D1000 Features:
-Complete case in a single scan — no need to scan models, dies and sting individually
-Optimized multi-line technology & processing for fast case throughput
-RealColor Technology — shooting all textures and colors on
-Extended outdoor
-Multi-die feeder
-Color texture scanning
-No need for different perish scans

The 3Shape D1000 has new scanning technology with speed and precision. It’s RealColor technology, and a blue LED that uses 27 lines rather than one, for detail and greater speed, has scanning speed.



  • 4 x 5.0 megapixels, blue LED – Multi Line
  • Scan accuracy: 5 µm (ISO)
  • Scan time – full jaw: 25 sec.

Extent of delivery inclusive

  • High-Performance-PC incl. Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard
  • 1 x Scanner calibration object
  • 3 x Scanner interface plates
  • 1 x Scan Fix putty
  • 1 x Occlusal transfer calibration object

CAD software package

  • Dental Designer – Premium
  • Dental Manager & Dental Manager Inbox
  • TRIOS® Inbox

3Shape D1000 Dental Scanner Included accessories: 1 x Scanner calibration object, 3 x Scanning interface plate, dongle and 3Shape software version 2015,1 x Blu-Tack scan clay, Monitor, computer, mouse, keypad and I will add the 3D com space mouse. Accuracy of 5 microns, 1 x Dongle USB key 1 x Multi-Die Fixture, 1 x Scan Height Adapter, 1 x Occlusion Transfer Calibration Object

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