Carestream CS 7600 Dental Scanner

Carestream CS 7600 Dental Scanner
Carestream CS 7600 Dental Scanner Carestream CS 7600 Dental Scanner
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Launched in late 2011, the Carestream CS 7600 Dental Scanner is a Brand New Alternative from Carestream (Formally Kodak), representing a significant step forward in the evolution of dental intra-oral digital x-ray imaging

Reinventing imaging plate technology, the CS 7600 improves usability, productivity, and security. Scan & Go technology prevents plate mix-up, differentiating the plates electronically with patient information. Pictures are viewable within five seconds. Up to 17 line pairs/mm accurate resolution.

Carestream phosphor plate program CS 7600 quickly produces high-quality intraoral images every time it’s used. Access your first image in as few as five minutes, or scan and exhibit a full mouth set (FMS) in just minutes to receive the high-resolution images you want to make sure diagnoses.

The CS 7600 extends beyond the essentials of top efficiency. With flexible imaging capabilities along with a fully automatic workflow, the system is designed to boost productivity and encourage sharing. The unit is always accessible –making it a flexible alternative for multi-user practices

Building on the success of established phosphor plate imaging systems, the CS7600 offers:

  • Increased resolution at 17 line-pairs
  • Smart-chip RFI plates for error-free scanning
  • Thumbnail image display
  • ‘Scan-and-Go’ option to ‘tag’ an image directly to a patient
  • High-speed scanning – as fast as 5s per image
  • LAN IP connection – no PC or Practice Management license required
  • PACS/RIS connection option
  • Small desktop design for central or chairside use
  • Full range of imaging sizes from ‘Size 0’ Paediatric to ‘Size 4’ Occlusal

Outstanding Quality and Speed

The CS 7600 delivers high-quality intraoral images quickly and easily—consistently generating the high-resolution images you need to make a confident diagnosis.

  • Access first image in as little as five seconds
  • Scan and display a full mouth series (FMS) in just a few minutes
  • New processing ensures optimal contrast, sharpness, and low noise images
  • Plates’ wide exposure range helps prevent over- or underexposure

A Cost-Effective Solution

With its many benefits, the CS 7600 truly is a practical solution for any practice.

  • The scanner can be shared between multiple operatories
  • Easy to install and use
  • Durable, scratch-resistant plates can be reused hundreds of times
  • Eliminates film and processing expenses

Superior Workflow

Featuring Scan & Go technology, the CS 7600 offers a fully automated and secured workflow that’s designed for shared use and already ready.

  • No need to reserve the system when scanning a plate
  • The unit identifies plates prior to exams and automatically routes images to the proper computer and patient file
  • Scan plates in any order with minimal user intervention and no risk of plate mix-ups

Built-In Memory

With the unit’s built-in memory, there’s virtually no risk of image loss.

  • Continue scanning even when the computer is turned off or network fails
  • Improve efficiency and user experience

Versatile and Compact Design

Because the CS 7600 can be used chairside or shared between multiple examination rooms, the system is a versatile and cost-effective solution for multi-user practices.

  • Small footprint fits practically anywhere
  • Ethernet connectivity allows a unit to be easily shared across the network
  • No dedicated computer required for sharing

Carestream CS-7600 Dental Scanner SIze 0,1,2,3,4 X-Ray Great Condition +8 Plates

CS-7600 Carestream Dental Scanner in Great Condition – only scanner + drivers, NO Carestream imaging software is included!

This is a top quality dental scanner unit for intra-oral x-rays

The scanner, scan dental X-ray Phosphor Plate size 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4.

For size 0 you will need designated size 0 plates for CS-7600.

Carestream CS-7600 Dental Scanner includes:

1. CS-7600 scanner
2. 2x Size 0 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
3. 1x Size 1 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
4. 4x Size 2 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
5. 1x Size 4 Carestream CS-7600 Phosphor Plates
6. Plates adapter size 0 + 1, 2, 3
7. Plates adapter size 4
8. Scanner GO device (NOT tested).
9. 100x screen barriers bags size 4
10. Plates Box.
11. Power supply.
12. All required cables.
13. Scanner driver software CD

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