Kodak Carestream RVG 6000 Size 2

Kodak Carestream RVG 6000 Size 2
Kodak Carestream RVG 6000 Size 2
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Carestream Kodak RVG 6000 Digital X-Ray Sensor Size 2

The Kodak RVG 6000 digital radiography system is a sensor used to take digital x-rays. It uses high-speed USB 2 technology that allows images to be acquired and displayed in just seconds. This streamlines the exam process and allows dental professionals to communicate results immediately.


- Chairside control mounted on sensor cable
- Proprietary sensor technology that includes proprietary optical fiber technology and other innovations
- Uses high-speed USB 2 technology


- Streamlines exam process
- Allows dental professional to remain by patient’s side while x-rays are taken
- Produces quality images in seconds
- Allows dental professionals to communicate results immediately

Specification :

Size 2 sensor

- External dimensions 45×32 mm
- Dimensions of the active area 36×27 mm
- Matrix 1920×1440 pixels (2.76 Megapixels)

Both Sensors

- True resolution >20 lp/mm
- Theoretical resolution 27.03 lp/mm
- Pixel size 18.5 microns- Shades of grey 4096
- Sensor technology SuperCMOS + Optical fibre


- Image archiving 12 bits
- Remote control dimensions 128x23x14 mm
- Image format Medical
- Connection USB2 – 500mA
- Cable length excluding extension 2.50 m
- Imaging software TW 6000

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